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What makes G.H. Cretors taste so great?

The ingredients of course!  Why complicate things?  We don’t need to add any artificial colors or flavors to our popcorn to make it taste good. It does that all on its own.  You’ll know it when you grab your first handful. Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives just get in the way of the wonderful flavors of freshly popped popcorn, our kettle cooked caramel, or our perfectly roasted nuts.


Why does G.H. Cretors use brown rice syrup?

Our first priority is to make the best tasting popcorn you’ve ever tried. Our caramel corn is unique in many ways. It’s unique in the fact that we hand craft each batch in old-fashioned copper kettles, but is equally unique in the special ingredients that we use. G.H. Cretors has chosen to use brown rice syrup (instead of corn syrup) for many reasons. Besides the fact that brown rice syrup has a wonderful crisp sweetness, unlike refined sugars it has a low glycemic value. This means that it doesn’t cause a sudden spike in blood pressure or a sugar “high” after it is consumed. Its composition is 50% soluble carbohydrates, 45% maltose and 3% glucose. The glucose is immediately absorbed and metabolized, maltose takes from an hour to an hour and a half, and soluble carbohydrates take 2-3 hours to be metabolized and energy released. This results in constant supply of energy spread over a long time rather than a sudden rush.

Brown Rice also has many benefits.  It’s a good source of minerals, which are carried over to its byproducts like brown rice syrup. It’s also a good source of magnesium, potassium and manganese.


Why does G.H. Cretors use Non-GMO ingredients?

First of all, what are GMOs? GMO’s (“genetically modified organism”) are organisms created through genetic engineering. This relatively new science creates combinations of plant, animals, bacteria, and viral genes by injecting the DNA of one species directly in to another species in a laboratory environment. These genetic combinations would not otherwise exist in nature.

In many countries around the world, there are significant restrictions and even bans on the production of GMOs because they are not considered to be proven safe. In the United States, the FDA has approved commercial production of GMOs. GMOs are widely used in many of the products we consume every day.

At G.H. Cretors we strive to provide you with the “cleanest” products we can make. We use Non-GMO popcorn and sugars in all of our popcorns and only organic ingredients in our Simply Salted and Extra Virgin Olive Oil popcorns.  Therefore, our Organics line has been verified by the Non-GMO Project. 



Why is G.H. Cretors certified gluten free?

This is an easy one. Popcorn is a naturally gluten free snack! For those who have dietary restrictions or are simply looking for a gluten free snack, G.H. Cretors popped corn is a great choice. 

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