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Where can I buy GH Cretors Popped Corn?

GH Cretors Popped Corn is available at many retailers in the U. S. and Canada. Find a store near you by using our store locator. You can also purchase GH Cretors online at amazon.com

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Is GH Cretors Popped Corn Gluten Free?

GH Cretors Popped Corn does not contain any gluten ingredients. However, it is produced in a plant that also processes wheat.

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Is GH Cretors Popped Corn Vegan?

No it is not due to the dairy contained in the ingredients.

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What kind of oil is used in GH Cretors Popped Corn?

We use only all-natural sunflower and safflower oil that is not hydrogenated.

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Is GH Cretors Popped Corn Kosher?

Yes, we are certified by kof-k supervision. All of our products are designated kof-k “dairy”

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Is GH Cretors non-gmo?

Yes, none of the ingredients used in our popcorn have been genetically modified.

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Is GH Cretors Popped Corn nut free?

Our Caramel Corn, Cheese Corn, and Chicago Mix do not contain nuts. However, they are produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

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Where can I find nutritional and ingredient information?

Nutritional and ingredient information is available on our website. Click here to be taken directly to our nutritionals.

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How does GH Cretors get such a big fluffy kernel?

Shhh, it’s a secret. We’ve perfected the art of popping corn since we’ve been doing it for over 125 years. We use a special mushroom kernel and just the right temperatures and techniques to pop each kernel to perfection.

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Who makes GH Cretors Popped Corn?

We do. We pop and package every kernel in Waukegan IL.

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I’m a retailer and would like to carry GH Cretors popcorn?

We’d love to be on your shelf. Please contact our sales team at info@ghcretors.com.

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Do you sale just the cheese corn only?

Yes we do. Depending on where you live, you can find ou "Just the Cheese" in stores across the country.

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Do you sell butter flavored/salted popcorn?

We don't sell butter or salted popcorn at the moment.

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