Flavor Obsessed Five Bloggers

Mar 02, 2019


Christie Cronan is the mom and blogger behind RaisingWhasians.com - sharing her experience raising two beautiful multicultural kids. From easy family recipes to fun kids crafts to best family travel tips, Christie weaves humor, honesty and fun with her family at the focus.



Danielle Davis is the owner and creator of Today's the Best Day, an exciting online community for women to tackle the challenges that motherhood brings. Through her struggle with infertility, Danielle developed a passion for finding the best in every day, even when things don't go according to plan. She loves connecting with her audience which she adoringly calls her "besties," eating Oreos as often as possible, and spending time with her family in Las Vegas.


Kelly Tomlinson is a wife of 16 years, mom to two sassy girls, bulldog lover, die-hard Denver Broncos fan, and urban chicken farmer. She's the writer and photographer behind Live Love Texas. As a former Air Force brat and modern day gypsy, she traveled the country working in various capacities in the entertainment and healthcare industries before moving to Austin in 2009.

Live Love Texas launched in 2011 and has become a go to lifestyle blog for women designed to help them build a life they love with inspirational articles to help them develop in the areas of beauty, fashion, family, food, and travel. Kelly's a former contributor to 5 Minutes for Mom and has had posts featured on PopSugar and Huffington Post.

Rachel Teodoro is a home and family blog written by Rachel, a mom of three living in the greater Seattle area. On her blog she hopes that you feel like an old friend meeting up for coffee and that you leave inspired to live well on less. It's Rachel's hope that you will come away with tips and tricks that will help you be more efficient around the house and bring you inspiration for your everyday life all without breaking the bank.


Camille Whiting is the author of Friday We’re in Love, a lifestyle blog focusing on creative dates to keep love alive and marriage strong! She and her husband are all about building memories, having fun, and strengthening and family relationships. She has an MBA with a marketing emphasis and spent years helping top Fortune 500 companies make digital decisions before she started working for herself in digital publishing. Camille is a marketing nerd, marathon runner, travel addict, foodie, and master date-planner, but her favorite title is mom to her miracle baby she waited so many years for. She’s been featured by The Huffington Post, Women’s Day, Arizona Midday, The Birth Hour, and as an alumni spotlight in BYU’s The Universe.




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